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TRANSMISSION MP (10W30) UTTO - Full Synthetic

TRANSMISSION MP (10W30) UTTO - Full Synthetic

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Full synthetic automatic transmission fluid formulated to the requirements of GM DEXRON –IIIH, FORD MERCON, and ALLISON C-4 specifications. Also recommended for Caterpillar TO-2, Voith 55.6335, ZF TE-ML09, ZF TE-ML11B, ZF TE-ML 14A and 17C, Mercedes Benz 236.1 and MB 236.5 service specifications, and Sperry Vickers, Denison hydraulic pump systems.


Designed for use in all transmissions, power steering, and hydraulic systems where an Allison C4 fluid or Wet Brakes transmission fluid is specified. Its high-quality manufacturing components provide long service life.


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