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Mega Duty 2

Mega Duty 2

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MEGA DUTY 2 GREASE is a multi-purpose lithium complex grease,
with excellent high-temperature performance and long-life capability. High
performance, low water washout, and good protection against bearing corrosion, combined with excellent mechanical stability and load-carrying capability makes it an ideal heavy-duty grease.

It consistently gives excellent high-temperature performance and a wide operating temperature field from –20°C to +150°C. EP additives combined with the high base oil viscosity increase the load-carrying capacity and reduces wear.

This product is suitable for all grease applications. It is especially suitable for lubricating pins and bushes and grease-lubricated roller bearings running at low speed, because of the special EP additives it is particularly recommended in off-highway heavy load wheel bearing conditions at normal and high temperatures.

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