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Lithium Complex EP2

Lithium Complex EP2

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Multi-purpose lead-free lithium complex grease with excellent high-temperature performance and longevity. Good fretting corrosion performance, low water washout, and good protection against bearing corrosion. Excellent mechanical stability and load-carrying capability make for the ideal multipurpose grease.

Consistently provides excellent performance at high temperatures with a wide operating temperature field from -20°C to +150°C.

EP additives increase the load-carrying capacity and reduce wear. This product is suitable for all grease applications. Especially suitable for grease-lubricated rolling bearings that run at high speeds. Because of its unique EP additives, this grease is particularly recommended for high load wheel bearing conditions at both normal and high temperatures.


• Resistant to water wash out.
• Protects bearings against corrosion.
• Excellent lubrication properties.
• Long service life.
• Economical
• Strong anti-wear properties.
• Excellent load-carrying characteristics.


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