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Boom Grease White/Black

Boom Grease White/Black

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Boom Grease is a high-performance premium quality grease manufactured using a mineral base oil and lithium complex thickener. Boom Grease uses the latest extreme pressure (EP), anti-wear, anti-oxidation, and corrosion inhibiting additives including PTFE which are designed to reduce wear, improve grease performance and extend component life in dry dusty, wet, and shock-loaded conditions.

Boom Grease has been designed for the lubrication of mechanical parts, in a wide range of industry applications especially guide tracks and sliding surfaces as seen on overhead gantries, telehandlers, and crane jibs fitted with wear pads. Boom Grease contains PTFE to reduce stiction and increase lubricity, reduce drag, and power consumption.

Boom Grease can be used on applications experienced in many industries such as agricultural, automotive, construction, commercial, forestry, industrial and marine

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